Boyden Snow Predictor


Boyden snow predictor is British statistical-empirical method for prediction of precipitation phase state, especially for snowfall. Testing method for geographic condition of Czech Republic was confirmed that method is applicable if the input value of thickness 1000/850 hPa is close to time of aerological sounding and there is not transferring of atmospheric front or existence of strong advection of air mass.

Description of application:

After selection of aerological station, inserting year, month and hour data is loading. In case of repeated request for the same data, required data is receiving from internal database. Otherwise data is receiving from external database and loading is longer.

In the event of data wasn’t found, new window with error message will be open. In case of checking of checkbox, next window of browser with data of aerological sounding from external database will be open.

After insert value of mean sea level pressure and press button value of snowfall probability will be calculate in range of altitude from 0 up to 610 meters above mean sea level.

For forecasting snowfall probability is possible inserts these values: Height of standard pressure level 1000 hPa and 850 hPa, elevation of meteorological station, mean sea level pressure from forecasting models and by button will be calculate probability of snowfall.